Like the ancient dolmen doorways of Europe, Dolmen Metalworks is a doorway for bringing creative visions into reality.


Michael Magee (owner of Dolmen Metalworks) uses a variety of metals (including platinum, gold and silver) and gems to handcraft jewelry and larger pieces such as quaiches and swords. By combining ancient and modern techniques (ranging from traditional hammer and anvil work, to state-of-the-art computer aided design technology), Dolmen Metalworks produces renderings, prototypes and finished custom creations.† Conscious of his connections to the earth and itís many inhabitants, Michael Magee uses recycled or ethically sourced materials whenever possible.


Whether you have a clear picture of what you want or simply an occasion to celebrate, Michael Magee can work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.†



This yellow gold and sapphire pendant is a companion piece to Kateís wedding band.† A romantic birthday and wedding present, this heart-shaped pendant uses the same leaf and hammer-tone motif found in her wedding band.

Congratulations Kate & Eric!